Strategic planning and re-structure to international tax.

Cheetah specialises in accounting, tax, and advisory services, but we’re different to other firms.

Ongoing reforms in the tax regulatory environment and improvement in the tax collection ability by the revenue authorities have elevated the tax function in a corporate from a compliance issue to a business risk that could materially impact on the responsibilities of directors and the returns to shareholders.

We provide the personal attention to clients whilst our expertise matches that of larger firms. Each client’s needs are seperately catered for to maximise their value addition for their business environment.

Corporate Tax

We provide a comprehensive range of services from the completion of tax returns under corporation tax self assessment to complex consultancy assignments and strategic tax planning, including:

• specialist tax advice for the EU VAT
• cross-border transfer pricing
• reorganisations and reconstructions
• planning advice for the owner managed business
• corporate and general tax advice
• e-Business tax service
• methods of profit extraction, including dividend policy
• VAT and PAYE planning
• competent authority negotiations

Indirect Tax

VAT is an immediate tax.

VAT has an impact on all business decisions both from a day-to-day function to the strategic direction of the company. VAT impacts both nationally and internationally and is further complicated by special EU VAT network rules and regulations but timely planning can produce real benefits. We can help your business by providing advice and solutions for your indirect tax needs or problems – often producing savings when none may have seemed possible. VAT is increasingly complex and can impact directly on your bottom line, incurring hefty penalties if you get it wrong.

International Tax

Cheetah understands the tax implications of working in a global economy.

Cheetah gives international tax advice to a wide range of clients around the globe – from owner-managed businesses to listed companies.

Based on the concept that a global group will ay taxation in several jurisdictions, if the correct group structure is tax efficient and reduces the global taxation amount, then substantial values are added to the shareholders returns.

Trusts & Estates

A trust fund is for use by anyone wanting to plan ahead. A trust fund can serve multiple use from holding shares in a complex structure or housing intellectual property rights or protecting the accumulated wealth for future generations.

Cheetah has the expertise that will:
* advises on establishing trusts,
* assists with trust planning
* administers trusts, with the preparation of annual accounts and tax returns
* advises beneficiaries on tax issues arising when they receive a trust’s income or assets

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