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Financial Reporting & Advisory Services

Companies need flexible and tailored support to help cope with the increasing demands of complex international accounting standards across multiple jurisdictions.

Cheetah’s team has technical expertise to provide accounting advice on both small and large projects in multiple jurisdictions. We recognize that most global companies with operations in various countries have complex needs – Cheetah assists with strategic planning for global competitive advantage by advising on corporate structure change, cross-border structures, e-commerce objectives or any other challenges raised or complicated by being an international organisation.

As a firm we pride ourselves on technical excellence.

Governance & Risk

Sound governance is a vital part of the strategic plan for every successful multinational. An increasingly regulated international environment calls for business to reflect their integrity, honesty, transparency, ethical behaviour and long-term sustainability.

Demand for governance is increasing with more emphasis placed on reporting information flow than ever before. Good governance – namely having the appropriate internal control environment – is one the keys to a smooth-running operation.

Cheetah has been successful to assist clients meet appropriate practice or adhere to regulatory requirements, using practical solutions to efficiently resolve the complicated needs.

Transaction Services

Transactions are a key component of today’s business world, creating a multitude of opportunities including the enhancement of shareholder value, restoration of organizational solvency, and raising the profile of your organisation.

At Cheetah deep sector knowledge in major industry sectors has given us great exposure to a wide range of industry and global markets. We can be distinguished by our research and understanding of how deals can create and reduce value, and our ability to deploy this knowledge to your advantage. We believe that we can provide you with a superior global service.

Our international expertise is underpinnned by our worldwide alliance partners so you can be sure that all partners globally will be committed to deliver a value added solution to all your transaction service requirements.

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Have questions or need clarification?