Structured to improve focus and provide superior services.

Cheetah Organisation

CHEETAH is structured into three separate business divisions to improve focus and provide superior services and value to its clients. The divisions are based around the main core businesses of CHEETAH namely Corporate International Tax and Strategic planning, Accounting and Transactional Services for Portuguese Companies trading in the Portuguese Economy and GTMS Global which specialises in private international business and wealth creation.

CHEETAH is a participant in PRAXITY which is a global Alliance of Independent firms ( Praxity is the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting firms and is ranked in 8th position overall according to the International Accounting Bulletin’s survey of Networks and Associations. This alliance covers the entire world and enables CHEETAH to obtain data, information, facts from the most important economies in the world to correct assist clients in developing their strategic goals for competitive advantage.

Cheetah Office

CHEETAH is based in Madeira, Portugal. The contact details are:

Cheetah Management Services Lda
Rua das Hortas, Nº 1,
Edíficio do Carmo – 5º andar – Sala 500,
9050-024 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Tel: +351 – 291232369
Fax: 291238301

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Have questions or need clarification?