Strategic advice and related structures to achieve the corporate vision.

At Cheetah we are business advisers and accountants. We offer strategic advice and related structures for you to achieve the corporate vision and allow you to concentrate on maximising the shareholder value. We aim to help you improve efficiency, and provide support as you adapt to demanding regulatory environments worldwide.

Business Process Improvement

Cheetah has a philosophy of continued improvement whereby our team continually tries to identify ways to add value to your business and advise on implementing changes.

On a global basis we have successfully helped clients of all sizes in a wide range of sectors. These range from large telecoms, commodity, mining houses and manufacturing companies, to small manufacturing and software business. We have also worked with charities and not for profit organisations.

Transfer Pricing

The definition of a transfer pricing transaction is when two or more companies, who are incorporated in to different countries but belong to the same Group of Companies or where one company is a subsidiary of another company are involved in either the buying and /or selling of services or products between each other, prior to or after selling or acquiring these services or products from a third party.

In terms of the OECD and the certain countries that have promulgated transfer pricing legislation the margin or profit between these two or more companies should be arrived at in a manner that is fair and equitable as if these to or more companies where trading in a normal arm’s length business arrangement.

In order to arrive at and maintain a acceptable transfer pricing margin Cheetah Management Services offers a full and comprehensive planning review and implementation of a transfer pricing structure. The CMS Transfer Pricing Model includes, inter alia, the following key aspects:

• Creation of the documentation required for an acceptable transfer pricing methodology.
• Determination of an adequate transfer pricing margin.
• Arm’s length agreements and contracts required to support the transfer pricing methodology.
• An audit program for regular reviews of the transfer pricing formula and margin to ensure its compliance with the relevant legislation in the various countries.

The application of the applicable transfer pricing model correctly designed and formulated ensures the a multi-national Group of Companies can take advantage of low tax jurisdictions and improve the overall group consolidated income after taxation.

Strategic Planning & Corporate re-Structuring

Strategic planning normal results in global competitive advantage that if successfully implemented will result in the desired creation of shareholder value and returns on the investment as originally envisioned by the shareholders. Coupling the strategic plan to an effective and efficient structure will then maximise the shareholder value.

Cheetah’s approach to corporate structuring is to learn and understand in detail the vision of the shareholders, the strategic plans and then to assist in the appropriate corporate structures to maximise and achieve the values desired.

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