In-depth knowledge and experience of various sectors.

At CHEETAH we recognize that major global companies with operations in diverse countries have complex needs – whether they are addressing risk management issues, organizational and infrastructure change, cross-border mergers or acquisitions, e-commerce objectives or any other challenges raised or complicated by being international.

Using our global alliance of PRAXITY, professional skills and some of the latest in knowledge-sharing tools and communications, we have developed the capabilities and processes to provide member firms` clients with added-value services. CHEETAH has in-depth knowledge and experience of various sectors. We have specialist expertise in international telecommunications, mining, precious metals and commodities, yachting and shipping, manufacturing, banking, international property development, asset management, owner-managed businesses and high wealth structure and protection.

We act for some of the leading businesses in the world. In Mining and Precious Metals we service Anglo Platinum, in telecommunications we service Lycatel the largest pre-paid telecommunication company in Europe, in commodities we service Illovo Sugar one of the largest sugar producers in the world.

Industrial Products & Services

CHEETAH addresses specific tax planning and resultant support services needs primarily within the industrial multi-national group. The scope and range of products includes transaction services and if necessary due diligence investigations for proposed acquisitions and consulting support covering a wide range of business issues. Industry must adapt constantly to new regulations, red tape and increasing competition our international alliance and expertise assist the clients in adapting to these challenges.

Property & Construction

CHEETAH provides efficient and effective international tax planing for acquisition, development nad re-development of Properties. These add maximum value to both Properties held as an investment or for properties held for re-development and re-sale.


CHEETAH provides major telecommunication groups with corporate structures to enable them to expand and develop an international telecommunications customer base. This will entail planning the overall group company structure with specific attention to both corporate tax and VAT to ensure both these elements are zero or the lowest rates possible. These structures use both standard telecommunications systems, VOIP and broadband solutions to deliver communications to the end users.

Mining & Minerals

CHEETAH has developed robust transfer pricing models for Mining House and the marketing and selling precious metals and other mining commodities that will add substantial value to the companies annual profits and assets. Using various Double Tax Treaties and local tax regulations there is a substantial opportunity to reduce corporate taxation and add this value to the bottom line.

Patents & Trademarks

CHEETAH has developed a range of structure for the ownership of and licensing of patents and trademarks to optimise the value, international exposure and income.

Yachts & Shipping

CHEETAH is based in the International Business Centre of Madeira, Portugal. This centre has an extremely advantageous legislation for both the yachting and shipping industry whereby vessel registered can fly the Portuguese flag, take advantage of cabotage rules within the European Union, substantial reduce or eliminate the taxes payable on profits of the vessel and income tax for the crews.

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